History Of Naganathaswamy Temple

Keezhperumpallam is also called Vanagiri. Kethu bagavan prayed to Naaganaadhaswami and was blessed and rid of his sins by Lord Siva. It is rare to find Kethu with his head. At this sthalam , he can be seen worshipping Naaganaadhaswami with his folded hands held high. Rahu after taking nectar was torn by Lord Narayana.

The head portion joined with a snake body and became Rahu Bagavan.The body portion that was thrown away fell in Pothigai mountain region. This was found and preserved by a Brahmin. The body grew, because of having nectar and the head of a snake got attached to the body to become Kethu. Kethu Bagavan has the head of a snake and the body of an asura .