Guidelines For Mandals

1. To install (pratisthapana) the Ganpati image at the same time i.e. same muhurta all through Maharashtra on the day of Ganesh chaturthi.
2. To conduct aarti of all 25000 Ganeshotsav mandals simultaneously at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
3. To refrain from playing film music, western music, and other such music on these occasions.
4. To play devotional songs like bhajan, kirtan and other melodious music.
5. To control levels of noise during celebration of festivals.
6. Avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks and gambling at least during this period.
7. To give a nationalist bend to the celebration of this festival.
8. To sustain the religious hue of the festival by following and respecting the prescribed rituals.
9. To organize cultural programmes during these days.
10. To use ganeshotsav as a means for social awareness.
11. To aid those who are pushed to the fringes of society, the poor, physically challenged, widowed and abandoned women.
12. To restore and renovate the rich historical heritage especially old forts and temples of Maharashtra.
13. To maintain the purity of the temple one is responsible for.
14. Display things of social relevance during this festival.
15. To acknowledge that this is a Hindu festival.
16. Be proud to claim that one is a Hindu.
17. Not to hurt anyone's feelings during this festival.