Temple And Deity

Theyoor village is surrounded on three sides by the Mula Muth river. The deepest point of the river is known as the Kadamba tirth.

The Chintamani Ganpati temple was erected by Shri Daharnidhar Maharaj Devji a scion of Maurya Gosaviji. After hundred years Madhavrao Peshwa made the Sabhamandap of the temple. A few years ago the shikhar- the crest, of the temple was anointed in gold.

The idol of Chintamani is purvabhimukha-facing east and its eyes are studded with precious stones.

The main gate of the temple faces North. There is a road that connects the

Mahadwar to the river Mula Muth. The Sabhamandap of the temple is made of wood and in its centre is a fountain made of Stone.

One of the interesting things about the temple is the separate section for meditation. It is called a Overry. These sections were found often in old temples but temples made in recent times do not have these sections.

There is also a small Shiva temple in the premises of this temple.