Temple Tour Navagraha Kumbakonam Thanjavurm

In Indian Astrology movement of the Navagrahas is considered to have a major role in influencing the fortunes of any individual. In order to mitigate the negative effects of a planet which is debilated in the birth chart or to provide more potency to a planet that is in an exalted state, believers undertake pilgrimage to designated Navagraha temples. The Navagraha Temples are nine (nava) temples, which are located within a sixty kilometre radius around Kumbakonam in Tanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. Maximum of these are Siva temples. Each of these temples is a sanctum for one each of the nine celestial bodies referred to in Indian astrological beliefs.

Daywise Itinerary for Temple Tour Navagraha Kumbakonam Thanjavurm

Day1 Arrival at Kumbakonam Railway station around 1pm. Transfer to Hotel for Lunch Break ALANGUDI {N - Guru or Jupiter}, Darasuram UNESCO Monument Back to Hotel for Night stay in Kumbakonam

Day 2  After Breakfast, Visit Suryanar Koil {N- Sooriyan or Sun}, Kanchanoor {N - Sukkiran or Venus}, Thirunageswaram {N - Rahu or North Lunar Node}, Uppiliyappan Koil and Pritiyangara Devi Temple post  Lunch, Visit Thingaloor {N - Chandran or Moon}, Thanjavur Big Temple, Swamimalai (if time permit) and Back to hotel for Night stay in Kumbakonam

Day 3 Post Breakfast, Visit Vaitheeswaran Koil {N - Sevvai or Mars}, Thiruvenkadu {N - Budhan or Mercury}, Keeelaperumpallam {N- Kethu or South Lunar Node} and After Lunch,Visit Thirunallar {N - Sani or Saturn} Back to hotel for night stay in Kumbakonam.

Day 4 psot Breakfast visit Kumbakonam Temples and shopping and proceed to catch the afternoon Train. Tour Ends