Navagraha Tour Package With From Kumbakonam

In Indian Astrology movement of the Navagrahas is considered to have a major role in influencing the fortunes of any individual. In order to mitigate the negative effects of a planet which is debilated in the birth chart or to provide more potency to a planet that

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Vaitheeswaran Temple

Vaitheeswaran Kovil is one of the Navagraha Temples Located near Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu ,India. There are many places where Angaaraga Bhagavan (Sevvaai) has offered worship. Among these, the place that needs special mention is Thirupullirukku Veloor (Vaitheeswaran Kovil).

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Navagraha Tour Package From Chennai

Temple Tour Navagraha from Chennai can  be coverd in  2 Night 3 Days or 3 Night Days -  The sequence of the toru will be first visit Chidambaram Natraja Temple and move to Vaideswaran Koil planet Mars , then visit Thirunageswaram temple of Rahu  & Alangudi for 

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Other Temples

Abadhsagayeswaraswamy Temple

Abadhsagayeswaraswamy Temple is one of the Navagraha Temples Located near Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu Sri Abathsagayeswara Swamy (Guru Bhagavan) - Alangudi near Needam This is regarded as a 'Gurustalam' where Dakshinamurthy is held in great reverence, attracting

Agneeswaraswamy Temple

Agneeswaraswamy Temple Shivastalam is associated with Sukran - representing the plant Venus and is - regarded one of the nine temples in the Thanjavur area linked with the Navagrahams. Maintained by the Madurai Adhinam, it is located in a quiet hamlet in the vicinity of

Dharbaranyeswaraswamy Temple

Darbaranyeswarar Temple is one of the Navagraha Temples Located near Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu. This Shivastalam is a vast temple shrine of great significance, especially in light of Saneeswarar's sannidhi here, which attracts thousands when the planet Saturn transits between zodiac signs. 

Kailasanathaswamy Temple

The Kailasanathar temple known as the Navagrahastalam associated with Chandra the moon, is located in the hamlet of Tingaloor not far from Tiruvaiyaru near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu. The small temple here has a small shrine dedicated to Chandran. This is an ancient Saivite shrine

Naganathar Temple

The Naganathar Temple known as the Kethu Navagrahasthalam is located in keezperpallam in Tiruvenkaadu.This place is also called Vanagiri. Kethu prayed to Naaganaadhaswami and was blessed and rid of his sins by Lord Siva. 

Sivasuriyaperuman Temple

Sivasuriyaperuman temple is dedicated to the Sun God and also includes shrines for the other eight celestial bodies. It is in close proximity to the Shivastalams of Tirumangalakkudi and Kanjanur 

Swetharanyeswarar Temple

Swetharanyeswarar temple known for its shrine to Aghoramurthy and to Mercury - Budhan; one of the 9 Navagraha stalams. Also known as Aadi Chidambaram, Natarajar's dance here is known as Hasti Natanam. Tiruvenkadu is considered to be on par with Benares

Thirunageswaram Temple

Tirunageswaram is a vast temple known for its shrine to Rahu, one of the nine celestial bodies in the Navagraha situated 8kms from Paradise Resort. A legend has it that the mythological serpents Adiseshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan worshipped Shiva here

Vaitheeswaran Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is worshipped as Vaitheeswaran or Vaidhyanadha Swamy. His Consort is known as Thaiyal Nayaki. Unlike most other temples that are known by the presiding deity, Lord Muruga is