Temple And Deity

Thiruvenkadu is located near Mayiladuthurai and is 10 km from Vaitheeswaran Koil and Seerkazhi railway stations. Pilgrims can alight at any of these stations to reach the temple. The temple is situated in a sprawling area of 2,45,520 sq. ft. surrounded by five prakarams known as pancha prakarams. Apart from the presiding deity, the Lord is consecrated in His forms as Aghoramurthi and Nataraja. The Nataraja image bears the seven instruments and weapons - Vetalam, Khadgam, Udukku, Mani, Kedayam, Kapalam and Trisulam. Devi in Her divine form of Bhadra Kali has a separate shrine. There are two shrines of Ashta Lakshmi, four in each. The Navagrahas are installed in a row, which is very unusual in any temple. Thiruvenkadu occupies the eleventh place in the list of 274 Siva temples, compiled by Umpathi Sivachariyar and is considered as sacred as Banaras. The theerthams - three in number - are called Agni theertham, Surya theertham and Chandra theertham. The sthala vrkshams are also three in number - Vilvam, Vadaval and Konrai.
The stone inscriptions on the walls of the temples, which have been documented by the Archaeological Department, contain important historical information on the Chola dynasty as well as several kings of Vijayanagar.

Features:The notable feature of this temple, according to lore, is that Lord Budhan prayed to Lord Venkattunathar and got his blessings. The Budhan shrine is outside the Ambal temple. There are three theerthams, three murthys, three sakthis and three temple trees (sthala vrikshams) are the special features of the temple.

The three tanks are Somakulam, Suryakulam and Agnikulam. The three theerthams are compared to the three eyes of Lord Siva.