Agneeswaraswamy Temple

Agneeswaraswamy Temple is one of the Navagraha Temples Located near Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu.
Agneeswaraswamy Temple Shivastalam is associated with Sukran - representing the plant Venus and is - regarded one of the nine temples in the Thanjavur area linked with the Navagrahams. Maintained by the Madurai Adhinam, it is located in a quiet hamlet in the vicinity of Tiruvaavaduturai, Suryanar Koyil and Tirumangalakkudi, near Tiruvidaimarudur and Kumbhakonam. This shrine is also referred to as Palaasavanam, Bhrammapuri and Agnistalam. Kanjanur is considered to be the 36th in the series of the Tevara Stalams located in Chola Nadu north of the river Kaveri.